under the supervision of Melinda Rader MS, LPC-S



Therapist / Owner of Welcome Life Counseling

I work with people who are not happy with their lives. They may be having communication issues in their relationships, frustration and anger at everyday events, or letting go of emotions from upsetting events in their past. They want to let go of the PTSD, depression, anger and low self-esteem. They want to be able to relax. Sleep. And feel good about themselves.

Each person is unique in how they approach problems, so first I listen to why you want therapy. Often this is conveyed to me during the free initial consultation I offer over the phone or by video online. I find out what your goals are: do you want to have better communication in a relationship, let go of anger, evolve your feelings about a traumatic event? Some issues can be resolved quickly within two or three sessions, others may take longer. Typically, clients meet weekly in the beginning and then after a month, we assess the progress towards your goals. There is required legal paperwork which clients can complete online before the first session. When they do this, the first session can be focused on actual therapy.

Since most of my clients want to resolve some aspect of anger and/or trauma, my approach is gentIe. During the initial therapy session, I ask clients to clearly define what their stress levels look like across a range. We use a scale which goes from -10 to +10. Using this scale, helps the client to convey to me how much stress a particular issue is causing them which allows me to tailer the approach I will use for that issue. I use tapping (the emotional freedom technique) to help clients evolve their feelings about their presenting issues. Tapping can take a -10 emotion which is debilitating and move it to a -6 or -7 rather quickly. This release of stress allows the client to have calmer thoughts, be able to process their feelings better, and arrive at solutions that work best for them.

About me

So who am I? One of my unique aspects is that I am a multipotentialite.  Being gifted has its own challenges, but I enjoy the variety of experiences it has brought me. When I'm at home, I enjoy playing with my dog (he is my spoiled furbaby), baking (lately I've been trying low carb baking - so far pretty yummy!), gardening (pineapple ground cherries are my new favorite find) and helping the Mobile Rock and Gem Society organize their annual Rock & Gem show (I am a geologist too).

Away from Mobile, I've hiked the rainforests of Belize, looked in wonder at the Eiffel Tower, and crawled through lava tubes of a volcano. I love fossil hunting and someday hope to find a dinosaur.  I enjoy traveling and going to festivals, museums, and cultural events. I've been challenged by people who say that I have too many interests, but what is life for except to experience the wonders of it? 


I have training in: Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique - classic and modern energy tapping), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Positive Psychology;  Cognitive Behavior Therapy; and Sex Therapy.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, so either email or give me a call!


The Extras: Credentials and Other Specializations

-Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University, a CACREP program
-Tapping (EFT) Master Practitioner since 2010.
-Trainer for the Guild of Energists since 2019.
-Currently completing over 3000+ hours under the supervision of Melinda Rader, Licensed Supervisor #0950.
-Currently completing additional training at Auburn at Montgomery for an Educational Specialist in Counseling which includes completed training in grief counseling, sex therapy, crisis counseling, spirituality in counseling, and supervision.
-Approved Alabama Medicaid provider for children up to age 21. 


Diana Sturm, Associate Licensed Counselor, under the supervision of Melinda Rader, Supervising Counselor.
ALC #C3371A

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