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Therapist / Owner of Balanced Life Counseling, LLC

Let’s just say it –  life can be hard, unbalanced, complicated, confusing, and at times... feel a little messy. Remember: you're only human! Sometimes our 'best' simply doesn’t feel enough. 

I use a compassionate, straightforward approach – mixed with humor and empowerment to help you crush this thing called life! 


I am recognized as a National Certified Counselor, and Board Member in the State of Alabama Postpartum Support International chapter. I have various training to provide the best care related to: trauma, women’s issues, postpartum concerns, life transitions, and LGBTQ+ topics. 


Within my approach, I utilize various evidence based methods – including EMDR. I work with individuals in-person or virtually, providing non-judgmental, unbiased, accepting, and compassionate care to address the multiple layers we have within. 


Counseling can be vulnerable, uncomfortable, and challenging – yet amazingly rewarding. Allow me to be alongside you while working to achieve your balance in life. 

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Melinda Rader MS, LPC-S


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